STEP7 CPU Configuration for IGNITION

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I’ve been testing Ignition SCADA with TIA Portal from Siemens and I want to check out the STEP7 from Siemens also. In the Igntion Manual, only the configuration of TIA Portal is shown and the problem is I can’t migrate the STEP7 Project because of no module support in TIA Portal. Is there a configuration on STEP7 so that it can communicate with Igntion? I am using the driver S7-400 in Ignition and the connection status is always Disconnected. I was thinking probably because of the setup in the rack. the CPU S7-400 has no Ethernet port, only Profibus. I am using a CP 443-IT module for the Ethernet port and my communication in STEP7 to program the CPU.


I’m a little confused about explanation of your problem, but I’ll try…
With S7-300 CPUs the rack is always 0 and the slot is always 2. You can’t put CPU in any other position on the rack. It’s always the first one (right after the Power supply, if you have it).
With S7-400 CPUs … it depends…
most of the times of the Power supply module. If you have the ‘small’ one (narrow, 4Amps) then the slot would be 2. But if you have the ‘big’ one (wide, 10A or 20A) then the slot is 3.
But then you can also put CPU at any other position (slot) in the rack.
The best is to look at your hardware configuration…
This is the link with the pictures: S7 Rack and slot

So, on the Ignition S7-400 device driver configuration page, you must put the right slot number for CPU… which can be 2 or 3 or 4 or … whatever you have in the Step7 hardware configuration.

There isn’t any other settings that you must do in the Step7 software… (like in the TIA for security).

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Thank you for the reply.

I’m sorry for the confusion. I meant to say is that the module setup in my rack. Slot 0 and 1 is occupied by PM module. Slot 3 is the CPU 400. Slot 4 is the CP module. My CPU 400 module has no Ethernet port, only Profibus and MPI. I am using the CP 443 module for the ethernet port.

If there is no configuration to do in STEP 7, the status in the Ignition Devices Connections should be Connected but I am getting the status of Disconnected. I can connect my devices from TIA Portal. This is my first time to integrate STEP 7 in Ignition. The CPU is too old that the module is not supported in TIA Portal. I tried to migrate the project from STEP 7 to TIA Portal but it the migration fails because of modules not supported.

Can you show picture of your configuration of the device in Ignition and in the Step7 hardware config?
For the rack and slot (in Ignition device) you always put in the slot of the CPU, not CP, regardless of CPU has ethernet port or not. And the IP of the CP.

From the PC where you have Ignition installed, can you ping the IP of the CP?

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Thanks for the help. It’s connected. I didn’t check the advanced properties. The default CPU slot is 2 but my CPU is on slot 3 so I changed on now it’s connected.

Thank you very much sir.

But now I got a new problem. You mentioned that in STEP7, there is nothing to configure in the hardware properties. I got an error “Error writing ON.value: Bad_ReadOnly”.
I can monitor the tag but I cannot modify the value.