Steps to install ignition application on Ubuntu EC2 instance using command line

Can anybody help me in sharing command line steps to set up Ignition 8.1 on Ubuntu EC2 instance on AWS

I am assuming this is a headless instance? Here’s the documentation - Command Line Installations - Ignition User Manual 8.0 - Ignition Documentation

I found this decent tutorial Installing Ignition in Ubuntu 20.04 Server – Industry Thing

This is an old post. But I hope below steps will be helpful for someone looking for Ignition installation on EC2 instance.

These steps were performed for EC2 Amazon Linux instance but same should work for Ubuntu as well except the username will be ubuntu instead of ec2-user. Also, it is assumed that you have created key pair for your instance and these steps are being performed on Windows machine.

  1. Install PuTTY.

  2. Convert your private key using PuTTYgen.

  3. Connect to your Linux instance using PuTTY

(Follow instruction on Connect to your Linux instance from Windows using PuTTY - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud for first 3 steps)

  1. Download Ignition Linux file ( from Inductive Automation site

  2. Copy Ignition Linux installable file in C drive and then copy this file to user EC2 instance by typing following command in Command Prompt (It should work from any location but I was getting some error when this file was in some folder in D drive)

pscp -i path-to-ppk-file C:\ your-instance-username@your-ec2-instance-public-ipv4-dns-address:/home/your-instance-username/

path-to-ppk-file - Where your .ppk file is located (e.g. C:\Ign.ppk)
your-instance-username - default user name for your AMI which depends on the OS selected for instance. Can be found here
your-ec2-instance-public-ipv4-dns-address - This can be found in Details section that open when instance name is selected on Instances page

  1. Using EC2 console on web browser or PuTTY client (Step3), navigate to your-instance-username folder (cd /home/your-instance-username) and run following command to make .run file executable.

chmod +x

  1. Run following command in same console, to start installation


  1. Installation will start and it will ask for options like installation location, installation type etc. like below

Installation Location

Please specify the directory where Ignition will be installed. If you are

upgrading Ignition, then select the directory where Ignition is currently



press enter to keep above path

Installation Options

Select what type of installation you want.

[1] Typical - Includes Ignition with SQL Bridge, Perspective, Vision, OPC-UA,

and driver modules for Allen-Bradley, Siemens, and MODBUS devices.

[2] Custom - Install additional modules and adjust the default modules to


Please choose an option [1] :

press enter to select option 1 (Typical)

Ready to Install

Setup is now ready to begin installing Ignition on your computer.

Do you want to continue? [Y/n]:

Type Y and press enter

Ignition Successfully Installed

The wizard has finished installing Ignition on your computer.

Start Ignition Now [Y/n]:

Type Y and enter to start Ignition

Install Service [Y/n]:

Type Y and press enter to install server

Ignition will be installed and started.

  1. Go to your web browser on your laptop and enter public-ipv4-dns-address-of-your-ec2-instance:8088. Make sure port 8088 is opened in EC2 instance by creating an inbound rule in security groups (Just a side note, from security point of view it is not a good idea to allow unencrypted communication)