Sticking Alarms and Alarms Not Dropping Out Of Pipelines

Hey guys,

I’ve had a nagging issue with some alarms that would get stuck on all the time even though the tag cleared and the same alarms that would get stuck in an alarm pipeline and never drop out. I think I finally figured out the sequence of events that causes this to happen as I’ve stumbled across it today:

  1. The SQLTag reaches an alarm condition and the alarm is activated, the alarm is moved into the alarm pipeline.

  2. The machine is powered down and a loss of communication occurs (I’m using Kepware, so the tags go to bad quality)

  3. The alarm is still active and acknowledged by operators or users

After this sequence the alarm gets stuck in the alarm pipeline until it is manually cleared and sometimes (maybe 50% of the time) the alarm will get stuck completely and never clear at all until the alarm condition comes back in and then clears.

Running Ignition version: 7.6.4 (b2013112117)