Sticky notes

Is it possible to allow users to enter text messages that can then be displayed at arbitary locations on a mimic.
For example, if I put a motor into hand, I could put a “post-it” note on the mimic to say that the pump is in hand because it is intermittently overheating.
This “post-it” would then be visible to other users viewing the mimic.
Is there any built-in functionality that would achieve this? If not, where would I begin to implement something like this?

im not sure what you mean by “mimic”, but you could create a db tag, with string as the datatype. then use a text field or multi line text field binded to the db tags value. it worked for me just now when I tried it.

Yes it would be easy to build this yourself with a textarea that could become visible on demand for each mimic (mimic is the name for a live display graphic in certain industries).

It could be driven by a DB-tag of type String, or you could build a simple table that mapped machine IDs to current notes.

Or you could use the Comments Panel component (under the “Tables” tab), which would allow for a more robust way of accommodating this.

Thanks Carl,

I had a look at the “Comments Panel” and I think that will do exactly what I want.