"Sticky" pushbuttons

Application running Ignition 7.5.6 on a touch screen. Application has been having issues with on-screen momentary pushbuttons seeming to stick in an ON condition if the operator’s finger is slid off of the button, or if another part of the screen is pressed while still holding the first button down. Problem is very repeatable, and can be demonstrated using either the touch screen or an attached mouse.

Inductive tech support indicated that the problem was known, and was supposed to be corrected in version 7.5.5 and later, but I am still seeing it even though running the latest version 7.5.6.

Any suggestions?

We are working on replicating this issue in house. The there was another issue with the momentary button that yielded similar bad behavior that was fixed for 7.5.5. Someone will post back here when we have an update on this new issue.