Sting or Binary Data would be Truncated


I have several Micrologix PLC Devices in our project. Most of them no problem with the same set up and tags.

However, we have one which is showing ‘null’ values for the floating point tags. All F8:xx tags are showing ‘null’. All other tags OK. The tags do show in the OPC browser, but even if I drag them across to make a tag they show ‘null’. Not sure why.

We get an error : String or Binary Data would be Truncated in the console log when these tags are edited.

I have tried various things including restart of the gateway PC. I deleted all the tags related to this PLC and added them one by one, at some point it stopped reading the F8:xx floating point tags.

Any thing I should be looking for … ? (I need this working ASAP)

Ignition 7.7.1


You might check into its firmware revision. Perhaps an update may be in order.