Stop Button borders changing during Tag Write

On a popup, I have buttons that set a command tag to a number to change the state of, for example, a valve in the PLC.

Say 1, 2, 3 equals Auto, Manual, Off respectively and when I press the Auto button it writes a 1 to the command tag.

However each button is referencing this command tag (among other tags) to control their individual color and raised/lowered border etc.

But when one of them is pressed, all of them will momentarily have a black and white rotating border around them until (I’m assuming) the quality of tag is updated after writing.

However I don’t want this to happen. Has anyone else seen this? How do you stop this from happening?

Ignition 7.9.5

That’s the quality overlay for “Pending write”. It stops when the write is acknowledged by the PLC. You can turn off the quality overlay entirely, but you would no longer see other bad quality reasons, either.

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You can also change the scanclass of those tags to have ‘OPC Optimistic Writes’ enabled. With this setting, the OPC server will assume that writes go through (thus immediately returning good quality to the binding) while the tag write happens in the background.

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