Stop changing other session data changes

Hi. I have created a numeric field-based data-changing view for multiple devices. according to the insert number, details at the bottom of the view are being changed.
but, when the same view/page is accessed by multiple users through the URL. details in the view are changed. How to stop it?
I used binding in order to share the location of the tags here. Basically I need to changes in order viewers.


Sorry, I didn't quite understand. What data is changing across sessions or within sessions that should not change? Also explain what data needs to be shared across sessions, and what is clashing between the two requirements?

Tip: use session custom properties to maintain per-user information that is synchronized across the user's tabs (in the same browser session). Don't use gateway tags for any information that needs to be distinct per user.

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Thank you for the quick reply.
When the Number changes in the numeric field, relevant equipment's properties are changed (like motor current, and voltage) It just views the equipment data.
When this page is accessed from two different computers and when one person changes the number, it impacts other users. I want to prevent it

Sounds like you are using a memory tag to hold this number. Tags are shared across the entire gateway and all applications and users. If you don't want that, don't use a tag. Some options:

  • Use a session custom property. Wherever you edit/use the number in the session property, other windows or tabs of the same session will be synchronized.

  • Don't bind the number to anything at all. Where you need to use the number for indirection, just use the numeric field's value directly. Each view will have its own number--no synchronization at all.

Yes. I used memory tags here. From this number, I create a memory tag path to locate equipment properties using an expression tag. If I need to use the session parameter. Can I write something to the session parameter? How can I do it?

Session custom property, not parameter. Session custom properties are like any other properties in Perspective. Typically, you'd bidirectionally bind your numeric entry field's value to the session custom property so that the session property changes when your user changes the number. Then, wherever you used the memory tag to select what live data to display, use the session property instead.

You can also write to session custom properties in scripts, in precisely the same way you'd write to component properties or view properties.

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Thanks. It was sorted out