Store and Execute .exe file

I am trying to see if there is a way to store an executable on the server and then from the clients be able to launch locally on the client machine. Possibly saving a file on the local machine. It this store and load option isn’t available we could pre-load the exe file on the local machine. If so, can we launch a local executable on a client device from a button click event from inside ignition?

[size=50]I know ignition is not responsible for any resources or actions once escaped from ignition. It would be nice to know if ignition could run and know when the file has stopped running.
Any variant of this idea would be ok.

You will want to use the system.util.execute function to make this work. Here is a link to the users manual with an example. … xecute.htm

You will need to have the executable on each client, and in the same location. I’m not sure about Ignition being able to “know” when this other program has finished running.