Store and Forward Clear Cache

Hi, im currently having trouble with my Historian database. I noticed the store and forward local cache is constantly at 100%, how can i clear this manually? I have tried deleting the database and re-adding but it comes back at 100%.

I would look at the quarantine on the status page and see what records are stuck as the first step. Depending on how many tags you have in your historian(or using other store and forward features) the cache might need to be made larger.

It’s weird, the quarantine is clear and reading on the forums i tried enable/disabling cache. However it will just freeze on the re-enable stage.


When looking at the following page, are you seeing anything out of the ordinary that might look like a rogue query?
Status > Databases
Click the Details button for the DB in question

Also, are there any errors in your database logs?

The data in the cache is stored on the Gateway in the data/datacache directory in a folder named after the database connection you created. This folder doesn’t go away when you delete the DB, and the information contained in it would return if you created a connection of the same name. This is intentional as we don’t want you to lose that data accidently.

If you really need to clear the cache (as well as any of the data that was included in it, i.e. do so at your own risk), you would want to shut Ignition down and rename the DB folder to be something different. On startup a new folder will be created and Store & Forward will start using that folder structure and the cache will be cleared.

If the cache isn’t being cleared though, there is likely a separate cause that you should spend the time to identify. Looking at the logs and queries being run should help identify where an issue might exist.


the problem was indeed sorted by clearing the datacache through the directory. It has not reoccured since, so i suspect it just errored during the update to v8.