Store and Forward Dropped


We have a lot of items on dropped in Store and Forward and the data is not historizing. How it restart?

Is it possible recuperated on database?

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You are trying to historize string tags that don’t fit in the history table. You can temporarily alter the table to allow larger strings, but the long-term solution is to not do that.

Since you’ve allowed the problem to continue for a significant time, both store-and-forward buffers are completely full and you are dropping all new records. You cannot recover any records that you’ve lost since the buffers became full. The temporary table adjustment might make it possible to recover the contents of the full buffers.

If you don’t know how to do what I recommend, you should contact support for live assistance.

I have restarted the gateway and now I have new data on history, but the data dropped have not been restored.

Thanks for your support.

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