Store and Forward Engine Unavailable

We recently replaced a crashed server at my work that acted as a primary database for our multiple Ignition gateways we have throughout our system. We currently have a local database on this specific HMI using SQL Express that stores only 3 months of data and an offsite database that stores 5 years of tag data. When we put the new server online and reconnected it with the Ignition gateway (using the same database name), we saw all of the tables come in and populate. Essentially there was a large data dump and then no more data came through. We also noticed the splitter Activity status says “Unavailable”. We have combed through all of the settings but have not been successful in getting the state of the splitter to change to “Available”.

Ignition Gateway PC: SQL Express
Remote Server: SQL Server

We are currently on Ignition 7.9.5

Can anyone point me in a direction they believe the issue might be? My apologies if I am not explicit enough but I’ve tried everything to my knowledge to fix the issue, but have come up with no fix.

Was able to correct the issue.

how did you fixed that issue? Can you please share the solution. Thank you!