Store And Forward Idle Database

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My database Storage in the store and forward status page is showing as “Idle”. As a result the local cache is filling up. The SQL Database which is running in azure seems to be performing fine according to the azure portal metrics (CPU usage is very low, as is the I/O reading. Running queries on the management studio is working fine and showing no performance issues. The connection to the DB is valid and we have never had an issue with this database before. Partitioned weekly with roughly 5 million rows in each table. Disabling and re-enabling the connection has not worked. Restarted the gateway and tag historian multiple times. Log files do not indicate anything unusual

Any help would be much appreciated.


Running 8.1.2

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Hello, i have the same problem. Please, Does anybody know about this problem? How could I fix it?


Same issue here - database is showing idle and the cache storage is filling up and data is getting dropped.

Any ideas for troubleshooting and fixes will be greatly appreciated.

Check your wrapper log file for any errors that look related. That is most likely. You might need to restart a database connection or tag provider to get some errors to re-report.

If you cannot find anything, and upgrading doesn't help (or you are already current), you might need support to look over your shoulder. (This forum is not official support.)

Thank you Phil!
Had a support session yesterday and ran down the items they identified but symptoms are still continuing. Monday call to support will be first item of my day.

For completeness of the thread and potential for others to make suggestions:

  • upgraded to 8.1.21 and restored from current gateway backup
  • restarted (edit/save) database connections and history providers and Tag Historian Module multiple times
  • restarted Ignition services
  • restarted gateway
  • looked for any scripts that could pause the main thread (moved a few to dedicated threads)
  • mostly seeing symptoms of the problem in the gateway logs, unable to forward history when the disk cache gets full. We also see quite long queries - some INSERTs taking as long as multiple minutes.

We have some clock drift errors periodically but have not been able to identify the root cause - and if they are a symptom or a cause of the store and forward issues.

We are also investigating the SQL Server database performance to see if there are issues there. DB health is good, I am told. Lots of disk activity has been observed.

Thanks for any other ideas while I white-knuckle to Monday morning.

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