Store and Forward in Gateway

hello all, I want some knowledge on store and forward understanding, as i checked in the gateway the store and forward was showing it has 90000+quarantined items,will this starts occupy more storage in the database? and what is the meaning of "total dropped "in the store and forward page in the gateway means.please help

print option is not working on the servers currently i can't upload the snap please don't mind.

Hi pallavi_N,

The quarantined data are not in the database because it was failed to push the data to the database. So it will not occupy more storage in the database. The Total dropped means the number of records that weren't able to be stored in the Store and Forward due to no available space in the data cache. If you would like to investigate why you have quarantined data please reach out to support.

Thank you so much now i got the knowledge on store and forward.