Store and forward issue Ignition 8.0.16:

Hello all,
I noticed that my vision trends are no longer showing historical data, rather they are plotting straight lines. All live data is working fine. I quickly checked that the MySQL DB was up and connected which it is. I then checked the store and forward page and it shows some strange statuses:

I pressed the retry button on the error but the buffer and cache remained full and nothing changed. I checked the store and forward status on one of my other tables in that same MySQL DB and it is working fine.

This occurred around the time that I rebooted the server a couple of times in order to reinstall some broken Rockwell software (Logix 5000 and FTV).

I have tried rebooting again, this didn’t work.
The DB is not over utilised, throughput at 50% max.

Since the DB is running with no errors and ignition is successfully connected to the DB I don’t know what to try next.

Any pointers would be very appreciated.


Possibly corrupted files in MySQL for that table? Look at your MySQL logs.

ps. Having Ignition, MySQL, and Rockwell Software all on the same server is a recipe for disaster.

Hahahaha. I’d say Rockwell Software and anything else.

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I’ve had Ignition, MySQL, and Rockwell (Studio 5000) installed on the same box several times with no issues.

Potentially, since most the time upgrading RWS versions ends in something breaking and the need to reinstall the entire suite again is many reboots etc.

Yes I have run this setup for well over a year with zero issues. In fact the MySQL setup ran with zero issues for 6 years.

Thanks pturmel for the suggestion with the DB logs.

One interesting tid bit is that the trends are approx 8-9 hours delayed, as in, the trend data is eventually written to the DB, the data is not being lost, it just takes about 8-9 hours to finally get into the DB.