Store and Forward Issue


I have these quarantined items from Store and Forward System:

I have transaction group “ReportFBD_Suite1” , from I which report is generated. After export I see:

<cachedata sourceStore="SQL2" creationTime="Fri Jul 01 21:31:36 EEST 2022">
   <data flavor="__datasourcedata__" subtype="record">
      <record table="ReportFBD_Suite1">
            <col name="INLET_TEMP_ACT" type="java.lang.Integer">24</col>
            <col name="OUTLET_TEMP_ACT" type="java.lang.Integer">21</col>
            <col name="FCD_OP_ACT" type="java.lang.Integer">3</col>
            <col name="VFD_OP_ACT" type="java.lang.Integer">12</col>
            <col name="AIR_VELOCITY" type="java.lang.Float">1</col>
            <col name="BATCH" type="java.lang.String">124590K </col>
            <col name="BED_TEMP_ACT" type="java.lang.Integer">0</col>
            <col name="BLOWER_ON" type="java.lang.Boolean">true</col>
            <col name="SPRAY_PUMP" type="java.lang.Boolean">false</col>
            <col name="Status" type="java.lang.String">MACHINE STOPPED</col>
            <col name="Time" type="java.sql.Timestamp">2022-06-21 14:33:15.343</col>

Tag"Status" is string memory tag, obvious this tag causes the problem, but when exactly and for what reason it has to be convert from navchar to int type? How to fix that?

That error is coming back from SQL Server.
Are you sure of the datatypes for the columns?
According to the error you are trying to store a string value to an int column type in the table.

If you can’t change the table then do an expression tag for the Status field and set it to something like 1 for running 0 for stopped.

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Thank you for your reply, MMaynard.
I had done all checks you suggest, apparently these are the first logical thoughts come to mind.
The "Status’ tag is string tag. And it may take 5-6 different values, so it cannot be just 0 and 1.

The funny thing is I have another 8 same reports for same type machines, and all run normally, no quarantined items generated.
I was thinking to delete the transaction group and the report and start all from scratch.

I think Mike means checking the datatype of the Status column in the database, not in Ignition. Your screenshot shows what Ignition wants to do. If someone accidentally set up this group with Status as numeric, using table auto-creation, it could be stuck that way. Ignition can only create tables and create columns. It won’t “fix” columns if you make changes later, and won’t delete columns that aren’t used anymore.

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Thank you, Phil, that was it indeed: