Store and Forward Stops Forwarding To Database

Ever since I have updated to Ignition 8.0.8 the store and forward engine will randomly stop forwarding to the database and will just fill up the disc storage. Restarting the server, restarting the SQL Bridge module and disabling and enabling store and forward doesn’t ever kick it into forwarding the records to the database. I always have to stop the store and forward engine and delete the files and then reenable it. This is the third time in a week that this has happened now. Is there a way to force Ignition to forward the data in the cache?

I have noticed this happening Everytime my client does an upgrade.

What database are you using? We are experiencing the same problem that started when trying to upgrade from 8.06 to 8.07 and 8.08. We are using MS SQL 2008 and had to revert to 8.06 for the time being.

I’m using MS SQL 2005. I don’t think it’s a database problem as transaction groups still write to the database perfectly fine as well as displaying trend data. I have turned off store and forward for now since it’s happening so often and I am losing a lot of historical data. I have put a ticket in to the support for it but have not got a response yet.

So, just got off the phone with support and the root cause of the problem was that the jdbc driver was too old (version 4.0) and that was not compatible with java 11. We updated the jdbc driiver to the newest from Microsoft and that seems to have solved the problem. Now the information is forwarding as expected. FYI.


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