Store and Forward

On our server we have a database connection setup, which was the first one on the server when setup. If we remove this one leaving the others the store and forward starts building with pending for that connection. I went through the handful of projects users have on this server and see none pointing to this connection. If I recreate a connection with same name pending problem goes away. How can I determine what or where these are coming from?

Well, unfortunately I don’t think there’s an easy way to tell that, but we should first start with some mathematical analysis: when they’re pending, what’s the rate? Does it by chance correspond to the historical scan class, or any scan class used for SQLTags history? I have a suspicion that perhaps the scan class is trying to report its execution even after the data connection has been removed.



Here is what I did to find them. Exported out the tags (All) into csv then looked through that. Hey, it worked.

Should these tags not have been marked/flagged as bad/wrong for easier identification? The history DB connection was removed, which caused it.


I think you’re right that there should be some sort of “config error” status if you have a tag set up for history on a database connection that doesn’t exist. Unfortunately, though, there’s currently only one status, and it’s used pretty heavily for realtime status stuff (component overlays, for example), so we’d probably have to do a little work to figure something out.

Glad you got it figured out, though.