Store and Foward entries not being removed from gateway webUI


Has anyone tried removing existing store and forward entry from the gateway? We have a development gateway and there are a couple of S&F entries we are trying to get rid of. However, after deleting the database source the S&F remains in the gateway configuration as seen in attached image.

I have deleted the cache located in Ignition directory but the entries still remain. Is there something else I need to delete?



Sometimes these can get orphaned. You can delete them manually with SQL queries in:
Be aware this is dangerous; you may want to contact support for details/assistance.
Also note deleting them here will remove them from config page, but they’ll still show on status page until you restart the gateway.

Try adding the database with the exact same name, best is to have a real database so status goes valid after adding. Then delete the database again, store and forward will get removed too. It worked for me.