Store and foward problems

Hi there!,

One week ago We replaced our server because the old one was failing. We load a database backup on the new one and from there, graphs and historicizing are not working.

We are working with an Oracle database and the current version of ignition is 7.2.5

what should we do?

Dear Friends,

As you can see, our problem is related with database storage. Today, as we have another system running perfectly, I connect this ignition to another database and nothing happened. Although this, We have other databases interaction working fine (transaction groups, etc.).

Now, here i post two screenshots showing the log console.

The last thing, I tried this solution (viewtopic.php?f=72&t=5000&p=11357&hilit=error+initializing+data+sink#p11357), deleting data under this directory: %Install_Dir%/contexts/main/datacache, but didn’t work.

Thanks in advance for every kind of help that you can give us.

The error messages that you are receiving is saying that the table does not exist in the database. Check your database and make sure the table is there. I would also check your database connection to make sure that it is valid. This could also be a reason as to why your data is not being moved from the store and forward. Additionally, I also suggest that you install Ignition 7.2.11. There have been a lot of improvements and fixes between your current version and the most recent of 7.2.11.