Store data at fixed intervals


I am a beginner in Ignition and am wondering how to solve the following issue.

I have an OPC tag that accumulates production data over a shift. from production day start, untill the production end, I would like to store the data as a row in a DB (using PG DB) I will use a dedicated Boolean to mark end of shift. 1=shift active 0=shift nonactive. For now I will do this for one Tag.

I think there are multiple way’s to approach this, but ideally the way that uses directly availabe tools (Parameterizing) in designer would be prefered.

Eventually I would like to have a date selector (not range) to recall and visualize the historical data. But this can be handled in a different post :wink:

Any help would be appriciated.

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Transaction groups that record on your desired interval when your condition is true. Use database pens in the EasyChart to visualize.

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Thank you for the information, it has been trully helpfull!