Store in database from Dataset type using Transaction Groups

Hi there.

I’m trying to find out how get store DataSet (2R * 8C) in a mysql Table using Transaction Groups.

Is this possible?

Thanks for your help

What table structure are you aiming to achieve? Are the rows in the dataset the same columns and types as what you want in the table–presumably inserting two rows per event?

Or something else?

No it doesnt.
I’m using Automatically create table option in transaction Group

That is immaterial. Are you trying to save the dataset itself as a single value in a single column of a single row? That is not supported–not by Ignition and not by JDBC. The closest you can get would be to convert the dataset to JSON and store that.

The automatic table option also does not understand how to explode a dataset into its columns and then create those. Because transaction groups themselves don’t know how to do this. You can manually construct such a transaction group with a bunch of expression items, each plucking a single value out of the dataset.

So, let me ask again: how do you want the database to hold this data?

Thanks for reply,

It’m confused myself due Transaction groups allows read Dataset type.
In your opinion, how would be easiest way to do this? Remark , I get into Dataset type through transaction group, several rows from one database (source) and I need storage this information in other table defined in the TransactionGroup.

This process would recursive each day

Thanks in advance

It seems your process is too complicated for transaction groups. Write a gateway event script to perform the necessary tag and DB actions. Make it a gateway tag change event if you need to trigger on a tag, or use a timer or scheduled event.