Store login details

I want to increase the speed at which ignition can be started after a power blackout, particularly for panel editions controlling pieces of equipment or for operator stations which will be always running.

Currently users have to type in their username and password before logging in

I’d like to have the ability for the user to select a checkbox that says ‘store login details’ so that it will remember the login details from the last time it logged in. (i.e. so that you can just press enter and it will log in).

An alternative method might be to let us feed the login details via properties in the URL so that start up can truly be automated.

I’ve attached an image of what I was thinking about

Like an autologin?

If you always log in w/ one acct for the ‘standard’ level of access you can do that already.
Open up the designer for that project and go to configuration->properties->client-> and fill in the auto-login section.

I have one project with 4 separate discrete areas under it
i.e. Mill,
Water Operations

The basic login access would be different for operator terminals in each of these areas (i.e. surface water Operations should not be able to control stuff in the Mine unless specifically allowed)

All of these areas are affected by power outages (typically once a month)

I’m still interested in some sort of customizable auto-login. Yes I could break the project up into area specific projects but then I lose the benefits of a global tag database (or would I?)

Ahh well, that makes more sense.

I’m not sure you lose the benefits of the tag database… You can access any OPC/DB sql tag from any project, provided you have the correct security enabled.

I see your point however.
As a touch of a workaround, If you know the IPs of those machines you can use a script to dynamically change the user based on the IP the project is launched from.

Hmm, that might be the best way, That way I can also ensure that it never runs anywhere else on auto login.

Can you point me to a script example by way of a demonstration? I wasn’t aware you could dynamically change the login…

I suppose you would have to build some screen that redirects someone connecting from another computer to a login screen that would in turn allow them to change their user privileges from that of the auto login privileges… seems like its starting to get complicated??

There’s one on the forum somewhere, I’ll poke around and see if I can find it quick(might be tommorrow).

They way I do most of my apps is to auto-login w/ a read-only acct.
I just have people log in from inside the application where they need to change things.

So auto-login w/ a read-only acct. Script runs to check IP, If IP is in table for a specific priv, change to new priv level, If ID isn’t in table, leave as read-only and allow changing user manually?

So there are two functions you can use to accomplish what you need and there are several ways to go about setting up the solution to best fit your needs. Just a simple broad stroke example could be the following:

  1. Set the project to auto log-in using some generic username with limited roles
  2. In a startup script use to check the IP address of the machine you are currently on
  3. Depending on what the IP address is, use to switch to the appropriate user for that IP.
  4. Then you could call a navigation script to direct them to the appropriate starting window.

Your windows and components would have security settings based on the different roles that would restrict and limit what the logged in user could do.

Like I said though, there are several different solutions to your problem and it really just depends on how you want to go about addressing the issue. Hope this helps.

**Edit: I saw that that in the original post you had an image of the designer login screen. The solution suggestion I posted was intended to address launching a client not the designer.

Yes I was talking about the client screen login, the designer login screen was just the easiest to get to when I originally posted, hence the screen capture.

Hi Dave,

is there a way of getting the username of the logged in user on the computer running the client. For example some sort of function that would get the name in the form of ‘Domain\user’?

I was wondering if I could implement an autologin and switch profiles based on logged in user for the underlying operating system?


Edit: its all java right so I could probably do this with System.getProperty(“”); right?

There is a system tag that is the OS’s username. It is:


This topic may help some.

Thanks for that AxisIt :slight_smile: