Store only when tags change

Hi Guys!

I need help with the transaction groups. I have 1500 tags and I want to create a table that historize every time that the value of the tags changes. I know that I can do it in 1500 different transaction groups, but is there another way to do it?

I don’t know if it is possible but I would like to historize them in the same table in the same column.

Could someone please help me?

Thank you!

You can use the block data group to do this. You would make a block group for each data type: one for floats, one for integers, etc. The block group has a built-in feature to only insert changed rows and it puts data into a tall format not a wide format. Each group can use the same table and column if you want. As a note you will probably also want a block item in each group that identified each row with a name of the tag or something hardcoded.

Here is some more information on the block group: … _group.htm