Store Procedure Transactions Duration Problem


I’m having some problems of delay with a set of stored procedures transactions. In fact, I have 6 stored procedures triggered with the same variable. My problem is that IGNITION shows 20 secs of duration in each stored procedure but I implemented some kind of time measurement in the SP (save the timestamp when the SP start and when it ends) and this show me 0.5 secs of duration.

So, do you know why I have this difference?

By the way, I’m using for this test, Ignition 2.7.3 and Oracle 10g.

Thanks in advance.

What is the update rate of the SP transaction group(s) you are running?

Also could you send your Ignition version again, looks like there was a typo. 7.2.3 or 7.3.2?


You’re Right, My mistake. I’m using Ignition 7.2.5 and the Update Rate is 2 secs. Now, I have some new clues.

The first thing, this strategy (1 trigger for 6 simultaneous SPs) is not the only implementation that I’ve done. In fact, I have 4 more plants with this and in two of them, the times showed by Ignition is lower than 1 sec.

Another strange thing is that today, I ungrouped the SPs, so each one have his own trigger and is executed like a serie (the second SP only start when the first has finished). With this technique the time of the procedures is now in average about the 5.2 secs, this gives me a total time of 5.2x5 = 26 secs. So, I didn’t win so much time.

Any idea.

The OPC that I’m using is RSLINX 2.57 and the aplication runs in a dedicated server with windows 2008

The SPs have about 80 outputs and are basicly a query to a table and the results put in this outputs. I tried to do this with a block group transaction, but I do some complex calculations, so I can’t to use this strategy.

Thanks in advance for the help.

If you take a look at the Database Status page for your gateway (Status -> Database Connections) and run your transaction groups, you might be able to get a picture on how loaded your connection is. Also, check out the store and forward system (same page) to see if you have quarantined records.