Store program data in DB for trend

I am new to Scada. I’m a pretty decent programmer but I see the value of this platform. To be honest I went through the inductive U. But my questions aren’t quite being answered where I’m concerned. Firstly please bare with me. I know that each project is different.

I would like to take a motor count from my program and put it into a database so that I can recount it into a trend. Sounds pretty straight forward.
My problem is that I suck where sql is concerned. Do I need to do an insert statement when value is changed on the tag. Or do i need to make it part of something else? I might be missing something here and if I am I apologize.
thanks in advance,

First of all, in Ignition, you can script a whole lot by yourself. But many standard stuff is provided out of the box.

To me, it’s not entirely clear what “your program” is. Is this an external program communicating with Ignition? How do you (want to) communicate (OPC, TCP/IP, SQL table polling, HTTP, …)?

In Ignition, data is represented as tags. Ignition makes it very easy to read data from all different devices into tags (via different drivers). But if you have custom software, you may need to search a good way to communicate.

Once you have your data in tags, you can easily define a historian on it. The historian will create the SQL structure for you, and react on tag changes. Once you have gathered some data, you can display it with the “Easy Chart” component. That chart understands the SQL format created by the historian, and displays it as a trend.

Please tell us at what point you get stuck (getting data in tags, configuring the historian, displaying the trend), in order to get further help.

I see what you meant.
I guess I was looking for a more complicated way to do something simple.