Stored Procedure Call Blocking or Timeout

When using the functions system.db.createSProcCall() and subsequently system.db.execSPProcCall(), does this just submit the call to the SQL server and continue executing the script? Or does it block until a response is received?

My assumption is that it simply continues on, and if so then is there a way to assign a timeout value or somehow ensure that the procedure actually ran? Does collecting the return value or output parameters accomplish this?

.createSProcCall() just creates a management and configuration object in Ignition. It does not block, nor do the parameter configuration follow-up methods.

.execSPProcCall() sends the configured operation to the database and does block while the procedure runs.

Does .execSPProcCall() then timeout at some point if the server is unreachable or something interrupts the procedure? Ignition Docs do not point to any error handling conditions.

If called from a gateway context, the database connection's timeout would apply. From Designer or Vision Client contexts, the gateway response timeout (typically 60s) would apply.