Stored Procedure Group how to (7.2.8)


I’ve a simple table with ID, Name, Lastname.
A stored procedure, working correctly (MySQL).
I just want to pass a parameter (firstname) to retrieve the output of the Stored Procedure in another SQL Tag using a Stored Procedure Transcation Group.

Can someone guide me ?

DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS `test`.`employee` $$
CREATE PROCEDURE `employee`(IN prenom VARCHAR(255))
SELECT lastname
	    FROM employee
	    WHERE firstname = prenom;
END $$

Sure, just create a stored procedure group. On the Action tab on the right hand side simply select the employee stored procedure from the dropdown list. Once you have that drag in the tag you want to write to. You can right click on the item and press edit. Map that item as the return value from your stored procedure. Let us know if you have any issues.