Storing Data to Historical Database with Custom Timestamp


I am trying to store sample data from a continuous process and I would like to trend these sample results along side historical OPC tags (temp, press, ect.). My problem is that I need these values to be time stamped when the sample was taken, not when the data is entered. I have created a table in the DB and am storing the sample results by sample time. I have played around with SQL tags, but if I set them as historical again, it stores the data at time of tag update. Any ideas?

You can use scripting to insert data into the historian with a custom timestamp. You need system.tag.storeTagHistory.

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Thank you; I will give this a shot.

This method does work and it seems the data is there, but using the EZ chart and the AdHoc trend you have to zoom in to see the added data points. They will disappear when you zoom out for some reason. The historical component of Ignition seems to have much to be desired.