Storing (historizing) data from OPC-DA connection

Hi guys,

Newbie question here (I was once told there’s no such thing as dummy question, so…).

I have some devices connected to DeltaV and seeing the data in real-time; because of history-tag limitations such data is not being stored. If I had a OPC-DA connection to DeltaV (let’s say, from Ignition), is there any limitation to store that information in the SQL tag historian?

I understand I’d need OPC-HDA to query the DeltaV historian, but I’m not so sure about simply storing real-time DA data (with all the possible limitations that might have).

Thanks and regards.

PD: DeltaV version we have doesn’t allow for OPC-UA

No limitations, just enable history on those tags once you’ve got them all set up in Ignition.

(and once you’ve got a connection to a database set up to store the historical data into)