Str.strip returns <built-in method strip of unicode object at 0xa> over tag.write instead of actual

I got a script that reads a file from a mapped drive and returns the latest entry…

import re
def get_file_part(machine):
	path = ('Z:\Qa_Reports\Daily Production Data\%s\%s_PCM.txt' % (machine,machine))
	x = system.file.readFileAsString(path)
	result = re.findall('\s\d\d\d\s', x)
	z = result[-1]
	t = z.strip
	return t
op = lot.get_file_part('D3')

system.tag.write('[default]SCADA/playground/New Tag 1',op)

I’ve tried several things including below:

	z = result[-1].strip
	return z

No matter what I seem to do. I get the following returned.


I think you can format tags to remove leading and trailing whitespaces but that is besides the point



Geeeeezzzz thanks, man!

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