Strange behavior of timeseries chart

Hello all,

I am using the report module and nested query for a project. I want to use a time-series chart to show a value over time (timestamp). I can see the values from the tag (both value and timestamp) but I am not able to see any data in the chart.


I think the problem is with the time range I get this which is really odd


Any idea why the chart is not populating the data whereas the label shows it?

Make sure your timestamp column is the first column in your data.

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What do you mean by that? Do you mean in the details section of my table?


This is the data from tag history and I am using the same key and domain key for my chart.

You are using a tag history query in the report? If so, I got nothing. If querying manually, ensure your timestamp column is really a timestamp.

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Yes I am using tag history query in a nested query

have you found solution and how?

Seems like an problem in the Data Key and/or Date Key you gave to the chart.

I was configuring my chart in the Child table.

This example:

shows it configured in the Parent table’s details row. The table group should have a single child table to display the information.

have you found a solution?