Strange behavior on sub-UDT Name overriding


I’ve got an UDT containing sub-UDTs. I instanciate the UDT through a script using the system.tag.addTag function. When instanciating, I modify the name ou my sub-UDTs.

system.tag.addTag(parentPath="", name="BOX_1", tagType="UDT_INST", 
parameters={"Libelle":"TEST LIBELLE"}, 
			"AI_02":{"Name":u"Pressure", "Enabled":"false"}

And here the strange begins:
The UDT is instanciated. The sub-UDTs are not renamed BUT the “Name” parameter has been changed. Moreover, when I click on a sub-UDT, it goes renamed as expected.
Clicking on “Apply” or “OK” changes back the names of sub-UDTs to the original one.

My question is “Are the Names of sub-UDT supposed to be changeable ?” (hoping the answer is Yes)

Not sure if I am clear, so I made a few screenshots (order = before>first click>second click)