Strange behavior with popup and zoom percentage

Here’s a link so you can see the behavior. Its a time series chart popup behind a table. The video starts with the zoom percentage on the browser of 100%, and you can see the chart is bouncing around. When I zoom out (1/2 into the video or so), the chart stops bouncing, persumably because the popup edges are far enough away from the edge of the background view.

Here’s the link:

I just spoke with Tech support on this issue. We resolved the issue by setting the overflow on the flex containers on the popup to hidden. Essentially, when it got too zoomed it, the overflows scroll bars started to try do their thing, and they all started fighting each other, because they were set to auto, and we have a few flex containers inside the root flex container. We also isolated this to only Google chrome and not firefox.

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Reminds me of Hunter Cressall’s skit on using a Mac @1:42 :grin: