Strange crash when toggling visible flags

I keep coming up with a crash condition in ignition which is driving me crazy.

Ignition is 7.6.4-rc3 (b2013110714) | 64-bit
Running on Linux (client and server) . I’m on IcedTea, other machines on full Oracle java 1.7…all behave the same.

If I have button/tabcontrol etc and use it to toggle the visible state of other objects I regularly have a complete crash of ignition client.

In some cases doing something else first eg activating a dropdown etc resolves things.

There seems to be no rhyme and reason as to when it will occur except that it involves visibility flag always and the crashes are completely repeatable once it happens

Analysis time chart visibility flag seems to be the prime suspect as unbinding this makes problem go away.

Since the crash is complete there is no diagnostics available. (killing java process is the only solution to recover)

For example the current one.

The image marked first = screen as first presented.

The second is what you should get on pressing the “chart” button.

When you launch, if you press the button it crashes.
If you activate the combo box first and the press the button it doesn’t crash from then on in.

Totally Bizzare!

The button is a 2 state in this case and I have tried all possible tags (controlValue, indicatorValue, state) and it makes no difference.

The visibility bindings are all of type expression and of the style

if({Root Container.Container.edtchart.state}=0,1,0)

It is very frustrating.

In this case the issue is attached to the visibility flag on the analysis time chart because if I remove its visibility binding the crash goes away.

Putting the chart in a container as a workaround and toggle containrs visibility flag, problem presists and if anything gets worse.



As a workaround I created a template containing analysis time chart with a masking container which I use to hide/show the chart instead of the chart itself.

You can ignore the above – I was still crashing after these changes.

I had a silly bug in an async function which updated the top chart…it was in the except clause which did not help.