Strange Errors -what steps to take in the troubleshooting process?

Every time i start developer version 8.0.10 (both gateway an developer are running on the same laptop) i get the errors below displayed in the output console. Developer appears to be running normally but i wonder how to troubleshoot it further just in case there is some deeper issue.
So far i tried the following:

1 - I launched developer as admin
2 - I turned off firewall

Both actions had no impact on the error.
Any advice very welcomed. Thanks

09:26:44 SEVERE: [1001/] bind() returned an error: Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted. (0x2740)
09:26:44 SEVERE: [1001/] Cannot start http server for devtools.

Those are coming from JxBrowser, the ‘rendering engine’ used for the Perspective designer. If you haven’t noticed any odd effects, it’s probably safe to ignore it. The ‘cannot start http server for devtools’ just means you can’t open a remote debug session (in another Chrome browser) against the browser instance “inside” the designer. That’s a pretty niche functionality, so it’s unlikely you’d notice it’s absence. If you’re otherwise able to use the designer, especially for Perspective, just fine, I’d say to simply ignore it.

Do you have any other designer instances running, by chance? The first message makes it seem like there’s a conflict on whatever port the browser instance is trying to use; I’m not sure offhand if it randomly chooses or uses a particular value all the time.

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Many thanks for reply- it will save my time from worring :slight_smile: