Strange errors when restarting the server

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These errors appear in the Gateway logs when I restart the server. Does anyone know what they mean?

Tag provider stopped multiple times :

Uncaught exception executing batch context:

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What Ignition version is this? 8.0.9, or an earlier version?

Version: 8.0.9.

I think the second error is due to overload and the tags that I created before rebooting are lost:

Before reboot:

After reboot:

The “Uncaught exception executing batch context:” bug appears every time the OPC items are mapped to the ignition tags, for example if I delete the connection to the OPC server (KepServerEX v6) and do it again. But the error message is not clear to know the reason.

I have the same issue. I don’t know how to solve it.
It is really bothering me because it give me log every seconds.

Is there a way to find the root of the issue ?

I am using version 8.0.16.

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In the logs I see that the error occurs every second, approximately
Is there a script on your system that runs every second?
If so, disable that script and check that the error has been fixed.
Then, analyze the script to find the possible fault.
The same thing happened to me when writing the data type “QualifiedPath” in a dataset. I solved it by converting it to string.

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So i disabled one by one, every gateway script and gateway Tag Change script.

And managed to find the faulty one.

It was au Tag Change Script :

I disabled it and repeat errors “Uncaught exception” have disapeared.

Thanks @informatica

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You are welcome.

I think that the error “Uncaught exception executing batch context” does not provide any information to the user to solve the problem.

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