Strange HMI refreshing behaviors (7.6.2)

Ignition Version : 7.6.2 (b2368)
Java Version : Oracle Corporation 1.7.0_25
win 7 32 bits

I have some strange HMI refreshing behaviors

  1. When I change user, Permissions on components are not refreshed.
    When I change the current windows and reload the previous one, Permissions on components are not refreshed.
    I need to close the vision client and to relaunch it to have the permissions on components refreshed.

  2. When I modify a windows in the designer, close the windows and save and publish, click to update in the vision client, the windows is not refreshed.

My Navigation is based on a tabstript component in the left bar for the first menu level,
and a tab strip component in the north bar.
All the windows are opened with “Swap to windows” tabstrip or with system.nav.swapTo

Mains Windows are configured with :
Start Maximized= trie
Cache policy=Auto
Dock position=Floating

Do have 7.6.2 release some known HMI refreshing issues ?

To clarify:

  1. So when you logout of the client, and log back in with the appropriate user, the security settings on components are not updated? I can’t reproduce this.

  2. Are you sure you’re clicking “Yes” on the “Commit Changes” window when closing it?

I tested a basic scenario, there may be some settings your users/projects/components are using that I don’t have in my test project. I will PM you a ticket number to upload a gateway backup to.

sorry for the item 1) the problem is with

Logout (with is generally OK, but sometime, I’ve the following error :

Both switchUser() and logout() are working fine for me, I’ll have to see your project. I now edited the ticket so it can accept your gwbk upload, sorry about that.

Hi James,

Did you reproduce hmi issues with my backup ?


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Thanks James for the fix in my script, I missed to filter event :
this solved all my navigation problem, and fuzzy operating !