Strange things happening between designer and actual project

So a few weird things.

  1. there is a button I use in designer just fine. I open the project from within the designer, and for some reason it is grayed out. I don't get why its grayed out in the live project but not the designer.

  2. On one window, I some components were disabled from being viewed. In the live project it works and you can not see them. For some reason in the designer they are still visible. Usually they are invisible there as well.

#2 does not require an immediate fix but #1 does and I'm not sure what would cause that.

Things like the enabled and visible property, you can bind in designer (which is how they will work in the client) but for easy of design sake Ignition also lets you manually check them off so you can see the component or push a button when it wouldn't normally be allowed in the client so that you can test while developing. Could be that. For example. bind enabled of something to False in designer and it will always be false in the client and greyed out, but in designer you can override the binding by clicking the check box.

Do these properties have bindings on them?

I can do it in the designer, I then saved and published as is, so every setting in my designer should match the live project after updating. But it still doesn't work.

Component Security, perhaps?

@PGriffith nope, since i launched the Vision session from within the designer i should be the same user with same permissions. Tried playing around with them for the heck of it but still no luck.

everything else on the popup window shows just fine all security settings are inherited.

this is really puzzling me. We did do an update but it had nothing to do with this screen or anything relative

I would contact Support, at this point.

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@PGriffith unfortunately we are running version 7.8 which is no longer supported. Which is why I came to the forum. No chance of an upgrade anytime in the foreseeable future for this site.

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@pturmel my bad, thanks.

Any ideas?

This weekend Iā€™m gonna try restarting the gateway and see if that helps.

Issue #2 use to work properly. I think there is some weird disconnect between the designer and gateway.

No clue. Haven't done anything significant with v7.8 in several years.

Could start with some general stuff:

  1. If you export the project and import on another gateway, does it still act 'weird'?
  2. If you export the window(s) in question and import them to another project on the same gateway, do they still act weird?
  3. Is every bit of scripting disabled? Including stuff like client event scripts, tag change scripts on Vision client tags, etc.


  1. Only one gateway. I'll try to install 7.8 on my local machine and then upload it and see what happens.
  2. I'm gonna restore the backup before the update on Sunday for a little so I can run through some checks.
  • it is a popup from a popup (open fist popup, open second from within first.) I'll try moving the 3 relevant windows to another project and see what happens.
  1. I literally disabled everything. Resolved all the red x's in the console log (tag not existing stuff. made tag or removed write for it.)

There is some weird disconnect between my designer and live project which wasn't an issue before. I think this Sunday I'll retry the stuff you said, restart the gateway, and play around with some ideas.

Interestingly enough, I noticed diff combos work on the screen selection. This gives me a good method to troubleshoot. Also confirmed our updates not being the cause. Just a long time issue no one reported.

@PGriffith and @bkarabinchak.psi

Thanks for the help.

There was some logic PLC side holding it up.

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