Stray alarm event in alarm status table

Good Morning,

I have an alarm event that isn’t being removed/acknowledged from the Alarm Status Table in the vision client project I’m working on. When attempting to acknowledge the alarm, I receive the following in the gateway logs:

“Received acknowledgement for event that is no longer available.”

I believe this happened because the alarm properties were updated after this event fired off, but now the users are concerned about this false active alarm in the status table. Is there any way I can remove this row?

Disable the alarm on the tag, commit, save.
Enable the alarm on the tag, commit, save.

I apologize for not responding sooner. Unfortunately that didn’t seem to do the trick. I disabled and re-enabled the alarm but it’s still showing in the alarm status table. Should it be disabled for a certain length of time, perhaps?

Most likely stuck in the queue then, you’ll have to stop the gateway and delete the alarm files, then restart.