String Array Tag

Hi everybody,

I'm fighting with some string tags.
I try to create to tags for two strings from a PLC. I can find these strings in my PLC at the same datablock. The first string is at the offset of 0.0 (length = 25) and the second string is at 28.0 (length = 16).
If I try to configure the first tag as a string with the OPC path : [PLC name] DB1,String0 everything works fine and I recieve the string content.

If I delete this tag and create a new one for the second string with the OPC path: [PLC name],String28 I recieve the also the correct string content.

So far so good.
The problem occurs when I try to use both tags at the same time. Then I recieve "Bad" as value and all values from the PLC are written in red.

I also tried to give the string tags a length: for example: [PLC name]String0.25
But the issue is still there when I implement to string tags at the same time.

Has anybody an idea how to solve this problem?


Hello Inken,
try declaring just two tags:

This should work.
I don't know the string length used by the driver if you leave it empty, I suppose 210 (the max length, as written in the manual, probably; keep in mind that the default length in the PLC, if you don't declare one in the DB, is 254, per Siemens S7 manual).