String Conversion Error

I am playing with FactorySQL to get a good feel of how it would work for our usage and came up with an error. I am trying to read a recipe from a DB to the Kepware simulation OPC. THe database is created with a column called Recipe_Name. This column is a string and I have stored a string of HX123 in the data table. Kepware has an item device called Recipe_Name which is also called out as a string. There is also 3 other columns and Kepware items. When I run the group and trigger the DB to OPC, I get an error stating "Unexpected error excuting group. Conversion from string “HX123” to type ‘Integer’ is not valid. If I change the data in the DB to 111 then it works. I also went into Kepware and was able to manualy put in HX123, but for some reason when FactorySQL brings it over, it is trying to convert to an integer.

We do not have our license yet, so this is just testing and running as a demo.


By chance, are you also trying to use that point as a trigger? Sometimes that can require the value to be a number.

Also, did you create the table manually, and then set the index column to the recipe column? If you manually set the index column of the table, it has to be an integer.

Finally, if you go to Help->Log Viewer and find the execution error, is there more information (a stack trace) in the details that might help us figure out where it’s trying to be changed to an integer.


Thanks for the quick reply.

I did create the table manually and that is where the issue comes in. I created the index to be the Recipe_Name, because it is truely unique and I didn’t want any other non-needed column.

I guess, I will need to create a index column.

Thanks again

Yeah, unfortunately the index column currently has to be an integer. The frontend probably shouldn’t let you pick a non-integer column, but at any rate, just create one and you should be good to go.