String in omron structs dont show in ignition


On this omron NX1p2 plc, i use the omron nj driver in ignition, and export the tag list and import it via the ignition browser page.

I can add the struct tags and it shows correct (it seems)
The values in the struct that is a real shows correctly, ONE of the strings shows correctly, but 3 shows as 0000
The Struct in the omron system

Here you can see the actual value on the sClearBufferError for one of the devices, it clearly has 0C04 in the string

And here is the tag/strucs for the same device as the previous images. But here sClearBufferError is 0000.

I have tried to re-import the tags again but still same problem exist.

Is this still an issue? Can you get a Wireshark capture of the traffic between Ignition and the PLC?

Its not an issue anymore, but i have forgotten what i did to make it work unfortanly.