String Manipulation in Template From UDT Data

I’m trying to populate the Text Field of a label with the Address of a PLC Item from the OPCItemPath. The problem I’m having is you cannot directly access the Meta Data of a UDT in a Template. I’ve added my UDT to the Template as a parameter and I can indirectly access the Meta Data using the indirect tag feature and then pointing to the Tag.OPCItemPath. However, I wanted to use the expression binding and use the Right Fucntion to strip off the Address in the PLC for populating the Label. I can’t seem to find a work around?

Any ideas?? :scratch:

You can indirectly address meta values of a tag in an expression binding like this:toStr(tag("Path/To/Some/" + {Root Container.TagName} + ".OPCItemPath"))

Thanks Travis. I’ll try that. I didn’t know you can concatenate inside an expression in the Scripting editor. I guess I need to look more at the syntax of your expression editor. I’ll let you know.

I modified the Strings a little and it did work!