String split function result

how to get array/list row/column count when split functions returns string?

Not quite sure what you are asking. The split function in the expression language gives you back a dataset with one column and rows for every item you split on. So if your string is:


and you split on the semi-colon:split("Hello;SomethingElse;56.7", ";")you would get a dataset with one column and three rows. You can find out how many rows by doing the following:len(split("Hello;SomethingElse;56.7", ";"))You can grab one value out of the dataset like this:split("Hello;SomethingElse;56.7", ";")[1,0]That gets the value out of row 1 and column 0 which would be “SomethingElse”.

If you are using the split function in scripting here is an example:str = "Hello;SomethingElse;56.7" values = str.split(";") print len(values) # number of items print values[1] # gives you back "Something Else"

thanks a lot for the info