String tag communication problem


i have compact logix controller from allen bradelly.while reading tags from controller only string data type showing bad quality
and also did’nt show its value
what to do to avoid this problem?

error : uncertain intial value

Which driver are you using and what firmware version is the PLC? What version of Ignition?

Are there any errors in the console? Is this the built-in String type or a custom length UDT?

rs logix 5000 version 31.11.
communication OPC UA server
ignition version 8.0.6
erros are : uncertain intial values/ Bad Quality
its a string data type of length 80 created in my MOTOR ADDON BLOCK

any chance you didn’t make this tag externally accessible? I think the column might even be hidden in AOIs.

actually its shown in my tag browser and its IN/OUT parameter with Read/write enable

This setting:

And then you might find that it’s not accessible by default:

Inout parameters do not actually become part of the AOI datatype. Just in, out, and local.

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yes but in/out/localtag only be int,sint,long ,bool etc but cannot be string data type

And your point?

(I mean, your point as regards what Ignition should do. It seems to me this isn’t an Ignition problem.)

Per @pturmel’s note, you’ll need to connect Ignition to the tag you’re connecting to the in/out parameter, (not to the in/out parameter of the AOI).