String values on x axis

Hi all: Been away for some time but it looks like now I’ll be back asking questions. Thanks in advance for all the prompt help.

I tried building a graph in PMI yesterday out of frustration with SQL2005 RS not being cooperative. I have 30 data points, with the x axis values not being timestamps but strings. This caused pmi to through the nastiest java runtime error I have yet seen. :exclamation: Did I do something wrong or is this not possible? Also, this graph is basically a control chart, so I have three series in the data set, one for the value itself, one for the upper limit, and one for the lower limit. The value of course changes from row to row, but the upper limit and lower limits are the same. I’d like to display the limit values as lines, and the value itself as a point. Can I mix point and lines in the same chart? Thanks. D. Lewis

Currently neither the standard Chart nor the Easy Chart support strings along the X-Axis (we call this a “category” chart, vs an "X-Y"chart). The Bar charts and Pie charts naturally supports categorical X-axes.

So unfortunately as it currently stands, I don’t think you’ll be able to acheive a point-and-line style categorical chart. I’ll consider this a feature request.

(FYI - You can mix points and lines very easily in the same chart - just set the pen style for the Easy Chart or set the Dataset Renderer for the classic chart. If you can somehow view your X-axis as a number, you’d be all set.)

As for the runtime error you saw - that was fixed long ago. Are you running and old version of FPMI?

Welcome back David!

Carl: We are running Version: 1.8.7 (build 876). David

I would recommend upgrading to the latest - version 2.1.4. You’ll get the new EasyChart, as well as a souped-up Designer interface. (2.1.5 will be released early next week, so you might want to hold out)

Oh- its a free upgrade. Also, make sure you upgrade the Reporting Plugin too if you have it installed.

We’ll get the one coming out next week. Thanks.