Stroke option on shapes

In general I like to work in the designer with the “snap to grid” option on and set to 5 pixels. This makes aligning objects on the screen much easier. I keep this in mind when creating templates with shapes in them to allow me to align the objects easier on the screen. The issue I’m running up against is when the “Stroke” option is used on any shapes. The stroke seems to be applied to the “inside” of the boundary of the shape on some sides and either on the center or outside of the boundary of the shape on the other sides.

As an example, here’s a screenshot of a 200x200 template with a 200x200 square placed at 0,0. A 1px stroke is applied to the square and you can see that the stroke is cut off on the right and bottom sides. Is there any reason the stroke isn’t applied in a consistent manner around the shape? In typical image or svg editing tools there’s usually an option to stroke on the outside, inside, or centered around the selection. Ignition seems to combine two of these styles and apply them inconsistently.

Here’s a screenshot of the template with the stroke cut off.

Here’s a screenshot of an instance of the template where you can more easily see the stroke is cut off.