Struggling with the Module Signer

I’ve been struggling with the module signing tool (to test the sdk examples), and I have very little JAVA experience. After running mvn package on this version of the signer:

I receive this error in regards to PKCS11:

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-compiler-plugin:3.1:compile on project module-signer: Compilation failure
[ERROR] /C:/Users/fas/module-signer/src/main/java/com/inductiveautomation/ignitionsdk/[126,70] incompatible types: java.lang.String cannot be converted to

Any help is much appreciated.

I’m pretty sure you actually have the master branch checked out but are trying to compile with Java 11.

I’ve double checked the branch, and it seems to be the java-11 branch. Am I possibly skipping a step when compiling? I’ve copied the repository using Git, downloaded JDK 12, and ran mvn package to the repository’s file path.

It’s the exact error I get when I check out the master branch and set my JAVA_HOME to point to JDK 11…

mvn clean package runs with no issues when I have the java-11 branch checked out.

If you’re sure you’re on that branch, can you do a pull or make sure HEAD is 9357fdf?

kevin@Kevins-2018-MacBook-Pro ~/D/I/module-signer> git branch -v
* java-11 9357fdf Java 11 Support, not backwards compatible
  master  7a3df1e Add support for private keys from PKCS11 sources

Thanks for the help! It looks like cloning the repository gave me an issue? I downloaded the branch and it builds fine.

Cloning the repository leaves you on the default branch, it doesn’t matter what page you were looking at on GitHub.