Stumped on core module exam question

We are having a problem with the second error.

  1. XYZ Company is trying to use the table window (named “Table” in the “Main Windows”) and is running into a couple of errors. The first error happens when they select a row from the table; the first field (“Col 1”) causes an error. The second error occurs when no row is selected in the table (ie pressing the clear table selection button), all three fields to the right get errors.
    Figure out why they are getting these two errors and describe the problem and resolution.

associated expression

label 1:
{Root}[{Root Container.Table.selectedRow}, {Root Container.Label 1.col}]

label 2:
{Root}[{Root Container.Table.selectedRow}, {Root Container.Label 3.col}]

label 3:
round(toFloat({Root}[{Root Container.Table.selectedRow}, {Root Container.Label 5.col}]), 2)

we are trying to fix whatever is wrong with this expression but can’t seem to figure out what may changes would fix the problem suggested.

Sorry but you cannot ask questions about the certification tests on the forum. The idea here is that you are pulling values out of the dataset by looking at a specific row and column (cell). Take a look at what the row and column we are trying to reference and see if you can figure out the issue.